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  • Dark Knight

    The plot of this board game is simple... Bring all three knights to safety and do not let them fall in the hands of the Dark knight (screenshot 1). Dark knight is similar to chess, but not as complex and time consuming
  • Cute Knight 1.0

    An orphan girl searches for her destiny...knight, princess or beggar? It's all up to you as you make choices and guide her to her true calling. Train in jobs and classes to raise skills, make friends and find romance -
  • Chess knight's travel 1.02

    Chess knight's travel is the program that helps to solve well known puzzle "knight's tour". The "knight's tour" is a sequence of chess knight moves executed in such a way that each square of the board is visited
  • The Domino Knight 2

    The Domino knight 2 is the sequel to the first puzzle game, Guide the knight through puzzling levels. The goal in each level is collect all of the coins and reach the hourglass. To do so, you will have to push blocks out
  • Cute Dog Screensaver! Dog 1.0

    The cute Dogs Screensaver bring cute dogs and puppies directly to your computer's screen! This dog themed screen saver is full of adorable photos of man's best friends. cute doggy pictures are rotated so you
  • (Don't) Save the Princess! 1.0

    The princess has been kidnapped and the knight of the kingdom has come out searching for her! It is your job to place magical launching platforms to thwart the knight's efforts and send him to his doom (via the open
  • Cute Knight Deluxe 1.0

    The new supported features of cute knight Deluxe game are as follow: it features new items as well as weapons and secrets; the monsters and ending graphics are new; you can easily download it and can start playing
  • Knight's Tour 1.0

    Click on empty square to place the knight. Place the knight until all the squares in the chess board are filled with
  • Divinity 2 - The Dragon Knight Saga

    Divinity II »“ The Dragon knight Saga is an epic role-playing game on PC and Xbox 360, that combines the complete adventures of the legendary dragon knight.This incredible RPG includes the entirely remastered and
  • MechWarrior 4: Black Knight

    Youre back on Kentares IV, and this time, you dont have to play nice. Enlist in the notorious Black knight Legion, climb aboard any one of five new Mechs, and deliver some payback for all the injustices youve been dealt.
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy dedicated server Patch 1.0

    This server version will only host JA games patched to 1.01. Note that this release requires a full installation of Jedi knight: Jedi Academy for the server
  • Adorable Cats Screensaver Cat Screensaver

    The Adorable Cats Screensaver bring cute cats and kittenss directly to your computer's screen! This cat themed screen saver is full of adorable photos of our feline friends. cute kitty pictures are rotated so you can see
  • Crazy Chess 1.0

    Chess comes to life, in this original, highly addictive real-time chess game by 2DPlay. Play as the White knight, engaged in a fierce battle of skill against the dreaded army of Black Pawns. Defend your castle against
  • Knight Rider 2 1.0

    The updated version of knight Rider game is knight Rider 2 that keeps you busy for long time in different missions. Its major features are it is action packed game that offers you new thrilling adventures and fighting
  • Knight Shift 1.0

    Try to make the knights switch place using only valid chess moves. Tap the knight you wish to move, if there is more than one possibility question marks will appear. Tap on these to move the desired knight. On the board
  • Knight Adventures 1.3

    knight Adventures is a side scroll jump'n'run platform game. The objectives of the game is to destroy all monsters and collect all jewels. Help knight to free four worlds from monsters! knight Adventures - game
  • Movie DVD Batman Icons -

    Customize your Movie Folders with fresh new icons inspired by the BatMan movies and compiled in the Movie DVD Batman Icons collection. Batman Begins Batman Gotham knight The Dark
  • Naughty Clock screensaver 1.0

    Naughty Clock screen saver is a very cute and funny cartoon screensaver.In this Screen Saver,5 naughty 2D characters can animate with time change.Naughty bear,cute girl and little elfs will bring us to our childhood.
  • Portable WinPenguins 0.6

    An army of penguins for your desktop. An army of penguins for your desktop. Portable WinPenguins is the portable version of WinPenguins developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable
  • Barney Hunter 1.0

    One day, as you get home from work, you notice your three-year-old son is watching the incredibly putrid show, "Barney and Freinds". You immediately shut it off and ask your kid, "Why on Earth do you watch that crap?"
  • [08.11.2009][NGL ONE] TH000 vs ReiGn 1.0

    Game: WC3 1:23 Map: Secret Valley League: NGL ONE Season 6 mouz_th000 (6087 Actions, 241 APM, 25:16) 6 Archmage, 4 Mountain King, 1 Paladin Peasant 43 Footman 38 Spell Breaker 8 Flying Machine 23 knight 2
  • [2009.07.30][WCIP] Kas vs Bly #1 1.0

    Game: WC3 1:23 Map: Secret Valley League: WCIP Season IV Match: SJ Gaming vs.. depends igc.bly4eg (4780 actions, 270 APM, 17:42) 4 Death knight, 3 Pandaren Brewmaster, 1 Lich Acolyte 12 Ghoul 10 1 Obsidian Statue
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight 1.0

    The exact copy of Star Wars: Jedi knight II - Jedi Outcast game is Star Wars Jedi knight. In this game, your aim is to complete different missions and with progression you will get several force powers and armaments.
  • [2009.07.30][WCIP] Kas vs Bly #2 1.0

    Game: WC3 1:23 Map: Echo Isles League: WCIP Season IV Match: SJ Gaming vs depends SJ.Kas (5217 actions, 260 APM, 20:06) 3 Archmage, 2 Mountain King, 1 Paladin Peasant 26 Footman 8 Dragonhawk Rider 23 knight 1
  • Cute Screen Recorder 1.612

    cute Screen Recorder Free version is a easyt-to-use screen recorder software.It is able to record all screen activity on your computer and create mp4,flv,swf and wmv video. Key Functions: 1.cute Screen Recorder Free
  • CH46 Seaknight - For Vehicle Simulator 2.1

    The CH-46D Sea knight helicopter is used by the Navy for shipboard delivery of cargo and personnel. The CH-46E is used by the Marine Corps to provide all-weather, day-or-night assault transport of combat troops, supplies
  • Hype:The Time of Quest 1.0

    Hype: The Time Quest is an action and adventure video game. This game revolves around Hype, a 24-year-old knight in the service of King, following a quest through time to return to his own era in order to save the
  • Identity Knight 1.4

    Modern computer technologies evolve with blazing speed. As we emerge into a new digital era, we tend to trust machines with virtually every aspect of our life. Development of secure network communication technologies
  • Batman The Dark Knight Screensaver 1

    BatMan The Dark knight screensaver is high definition and full screen action from the 2008 Batman
  • Animals Collection 3 screensaver -

    Watch careless cute little animals on you desktop. Download cute Animal Screensaver absolutely