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  • Animals of Africa Screensaver 3.0

    animals of Africa Free animals Screensav... download the Free animals of Africa animals Screensaver from Explore the animals of this expansive continent with this wallpaper featuring lions,
  • Animals Collection 3 screensaver -

    Watch careless cute little animals on you desktop. download cute Animal Screensaver absolutely
  • Unexpected Guests-Cute White Bear Wallpaper -

    Come and see, how cute this huge white bear. He's visiting a little house, where the door is too little to pass for him. He's an unexpected Guests. download this cute wallpaper to your
  • Fractal-13-WRSEAC3LE2-800x600 1.0

    The Fractal wallpaper download has been resized to fit within this window. Click on the wallpaper to see it at full size; it will appear at full size if you save it or set it as your desktop wallpaper. Post wallpapers to
  • Polar Bear Sitting Stilly Wallpaper -

    Polar Bear is the largest bear in the world. They are always regarded as fierce monsters. But they also have cute Aspect. This wallpaper features a plump polar bear sitting still on the Snow field, eyes front curiously.
  • Caribbean Paradise Wallpapers 1.0

    A new wallpaper will download to your desktop every day. Our interactive wallpaper will display pictures from the Caribbean. Beaches, Forests, Flowers,
  • Sweet Dreams White Bear Wallpaper -

    Polar Bear is the world's largest land Carnivore and also the largest bear. So it always leaves fierce impression to us. But when the largest monster falls into sleep, it looks cute and obedient. This wallpaper features
  • Santa Claus Moon 1.0

    And the cow jumped over the...wait a minute...Santa Claus? LOL cute theme for the holidays.Includes two different wallpaper designs. All wallpaper is 1024x768. If you need 800x600 just
  • Jane's Zoo 1.0

    Here's your chance to help organize zoos all over the world in this ecological time management game. During Jane's travels across Europe, Asia and Africa, she's seen poor animals suffering under terrible conditions...and
  • White-Dragon-1-1024x768 1.0

    The White Dragon wallpaper download has been resized to fit within this window.I Post wallpapers to MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, and more. download this wallpaper for Windows, Vista, Mac or your mobile device.It will
  • Safari Babies Screensaver 3.0

    Safari Babies Free animals Screensaver download the Free Safari Babies animals Screensaver from Visit your own safari whenever you like with this animated wallpaper featuring a baby lion, zebra,
  • Happytreefriens: gogotoothy 1.0

    Following characters are included in much funny flash Happytreefriens: gogotoothy: cute and smart animals. All animals are very innocent and are living happily, but some died because of pocket of happiness.
  • Vitality-1-LUSYMKI7M9-800x600 1.0

    The Vitality wallpaper download has been resized. Click on the wallpaper to see it at full size; it will appear at full size if you download it or set it as your desktop wallpaper. download the wallpaper at 800x600 for
  • Blue-Ice-Abstract-1-BERD5XE2DI-800x600 1.0

    Enjoy the colors of the nature with The Blue Ice Abstract wallpaper!Post wallpapers to MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, and more. download this wallpaper for Windows, Vista, Mac or your mobile device.The Blue Ice
  • IQ Funny Dog 1.0

    If you love dogs but you don't have the time and space to own a pet, you can now keep it in your mobile phone. And if you think dogs are messy, then you will love this one - it even cleans your phone's display.Whenever
  • Woodland Christmas -

    This wallpaper could easily be called a critter Christmas as all of the animals in the forest have gather together to trim the holiday tree. A really cute picture to decorate your desktop for the holidays. Music by
  • Tiny Zoo Friends for iPhone 1.0

    Build the best Tiny Zoo in Tiny Zoo Friends! Decorate with tons of NEW HALLOWEEN animals and decorations! Collect HUNDREDS of different animals and care for them in your very own zoo! Come back every day to discover
  • 3d-Rock-Waterfall-1-1024x768 1.0

    Free desktop wallpapers have been downloaded from wallpaper Pimper because we have most amazing collection of high resolution wallpapers for your Windows, Mac and PSP. The 3d Rock Waterfall wallpaper download has been
  • Cute and Cuddly ScreenSaver

    cute and Cuddly ScreenSaver is a nice cartoonish screensaver for kids that shows a bear and lots of other animals traveling through different environments like a lake, forest, Savannah, arctic pole, etc. This helps the
  • Savannah Safari Animated 3D Wallpaper 5.07

    "Savannah Safar" is an Animated Desktop wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the nature theme. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at the Animated Desktop wallpaper "Savannah
  • Amazing Animals 1 1.0

    Amazing animals Screensaver & wallpaperProtect your monitor with amazing images of animals from around the world. See Birds, Butterflies, Wolfs, Owl and many more in this screensaver. This screensaver contains a
  • Animal shows 1.0

    Most children like the circus, with all those acts that are so interesting and fascinating; there's something magical about seeing the performers there in the ring, moving in their own world of spotlights and sawdust.
  • Magic Wallpaper 5.2.2

    Magic wallpaper is a fast, fun, easy to use tool that helps you to create original images for your mobile phone. Any picture from your computer (maybe one you have taken from a digital camera) or from the Internet can be
  • blinkx Beat 1.1.5

    Blinkx Beat lets you watch Internet videos just like TV, delivering a riveting playlist of the most popular videos from the Web in full-screen, right on your desktop. Hilarious bloopers, amazing stunts, ridiculous
  • Polar BearsSlumber Party Wallpaper -

    Have you ever heard of slumber party before? This wallpaper features a slumber party of polar bears. Wanna see the funny sleeping position of these huge monsters. download this wallpaper as your desktop. The cute
  • Shaggy Pals wallpaper 1.0

    wallpaper with cute characters from family game "Shaggy Pals".This wallpaper is available in 1024x768 resolution.
  • Kitty Icons 1.0

    KiTTY Icons is a cute icon set for your Mac.The icons are very cute and suitable for children. Different animals, bottles, tools and other shapes of normal things in daily life let the children learn detailed things in
  • Valentine Bird on a box Theme 1.0

    Awww this one is so cute with a beautiful BIRD on a Valentine box. Just too cute. The wallpaper is a size 1600x1200 but can also fit all screens under that size if you put it on stretch in your settings. Happy
  • Patricks Wallpaper Say Cheers 1.0

    A cute wallpaper for the day. Enjoy the good times by downloading this excellent free animated wallpaper that brings a cheerfulness to your
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Animals Edition 1.0

    Jigsaw Puzzle animals Edition is one of the most enjoyable and comprehensive Jigsaw games available on the web. Sit back and relax as you play some of the cutest animal puzzles around. Want a challenge? This game gives